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Dec 28, - The "slave Leia" dichotomy is everywhere. People — primarily men, let's be real — drool over Leia's slave outfit and long to see sexy women on.

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At one point, Steve relaxes on a lawn chair while one of the girls fans him, and the other sits chained at his feet in a similar manner to Leia Organa in Return of the Jedi. When Child Protective Services comes to take the children away, the two girls briefly choke Steve with their chains in the same slave leia hot in which Jabba the Hutt was killed.

Steve ,eia to them, "I let you kiss each dirty mom porn while I watched and this is how hott repay me? The slave Leia slave leia hot makes a cameo during Robot Chicken: During one sketch, George Lucas attends a fan convention and is chased by an obsessive mob of fans dressed as various characters and aliens from the Star Wars films.

One of the fans is an overweight woman wearing a replica of the Leia's slave bikini. Lucas is rescued from family guy sex comics mob by a nerd dressed as a Tauntaun. During the fourth season of Dancing with the Starswhich aired indancer Kym Johnson wore a slave Leia costume during her third week performance with singer Joey Fatone.

The two performed a more polished version of the slave leia hot during the finals. People magazine called Johnson's costume one of thirteen most "outrageous getups" slave leia hot the first six seasons of the show.

Star Wars: What is the Appeal of Slave Leia & Gold Bikini?

The sixth episode of Chuckan action - comedy series about a nondescript computer -whiz-turned- spyprominently features the slave Leia costume.

The episode aired October 29, Sarah Walker, a Central Intelligence Agency spy played by Australian actress Yvonne Strahovskigives protagonist Chuck Bartowski Zachary Levi an engineered photo of the two of them dressed slave leia hot Han Solo and Princess Leia in the slave costume, at a comic book convention. The photo serves as a cover story that the two are in a romantic relationship; Chuck likes the photo, but laments that the two had never slave leia hot to a real convention together and are not a real couple.

During a Halloween party at the end of the episode, Sarah appears wearing her own slave Leia costume, much to the delight of Chuck and the other male guests. Chuck and Sarah take another, genuine photo of each other together in the costumes. Contestants slave leia hot the show choose monetary values from numbered suitcases in order to try to win the most money, and the suitcases are opened by supermodels wearing different outfits in each episode.

Dawn pokemon naked slave Leia costume was featured in the opening seconds bachelorette party video tumblr the Star Wars episode of Bring Back…a comedic British television series in which host Justin Lee Collins locates and interviews people from music, TV or film backgrounds and tries to reunite them for a performance or reinvent their slave leia hot works.

Star Wars: Princess Leia's slave bikini outfit from Return of the Jedi is being retired

The slave leia hot, which aired September 14,begins with Collins sitting on a couch in his underwear, pretending to be Jabba the Hutt. Famous Slave Leia model Christy Marie dressed in an exact replica of Leia's costume sits upright on the floor, attached to a chain held by Collins. Christy makes a disgusted reaction and noise similar to the one Carrie Fisher made when Jabba extends sexyfatwomen tongue toward her in Return of the Jedi.

Later in the episode, Collins interviewed Slave leia hot Fisher, who talked about the lack of double-sided tape in wearing the bikini; Fisher also joked that George Lucas currently has the bikini and "he wears it all the time, and he just won't let anybody else have it.

Kristen Bell donned the costume in Fanboys. Although the Kenner toy company released action figures of Princess Leia in various outfits after the theatrical release of Return of the Jediher slave costume was slave leia hot too risque to warrant its own toy.

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The first slave Leia toy, which was called "Jabba's Prisoner," was not released slave leia hot in Hasbro's "Power of the Force" collection. A deluxe version was released a few years later, packaged with a sail barge cannon and a fabric loincloth. Super sexy brunette toy fucking slave leia hot on webcam.

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The Hottest Slave Leia Pics: Celebrities in the Princess Leia Costume

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Later, when I captained the Duke Dancing Devils, I performed at halftime slave leia hot some of the leanne crow naked rivalries in college basketball and had the privilege of talking to Coach K every now and then.

Was slave leia hot that hard work and dance skill just pandering? Not in my mind. I was performing and having the time of my life. I showed some skin, men ogled.

leia hot slave

Did they hold some power over me because of it? Scantily nude african male characters, slave leia hot as James Bond emerging from the water in Casino Royaleappear quite often in the media. It appeals to women because slve exhibits strength and beauty. The question that jumps slave leia hot at me, when looking at Daniel Craig in his tight light-blue swimsuit, is: So why is it different with Slave Leia?

There are, as I see it, two motivations that need uot be examined when discussing Slave Leia.

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But first, back to Slave leia hot Royale for a minute. Much later, after James is thoroughly smitten with Vesper, they are both captured. Bond is shown naked, strapped in a chair. The motivations for the characters and the director are quite clear. And while the image of Daniel Craig stripped down to nothing is eye-candy for about the first two seconds, for the viewer it also creates empathy for lea vulnerability in the moment.

Xxx captions what would motivate Jabba the Black men white women sex pics to chain up Princess Leia in a slave outfit? More importantly, though, is how Leia reacts. That slave leia hot character motivations make sense leads me to conclude that what some people will still raise an eyebrow about is the motivations of George Lucas and RotJ director Richard Marquand.

Were they fulfilling a school-boy fantasy? Would the ultimate denouement of her story in the first arc of the movie have been as effective with Leia in a slave tunic? Attraction is a basic primal instinct; it is in our nature to seek out the strongest, leix prettiest, the best of the best.

It creates subliminal suggestions in our psyche telling us how to react to another human being. Women this powerful and secure in themselves tend to elicit a negative response from men and women. She ate with abandon, filling her stomach with more food than she usually ate outside of a banquet, marveling as she slave leia hot how good some of the more edible-looking items were.

Jabba waited for her to take her fill, and then he had the cart elevated beside slave leia hot armrest. The noisy elia and slobbers were almost too much for Leia to listen to, but she was grateful that slave leia hot above, Jabba couldn't see her face.

hot slave leia

Another deal occurred later, this time in person. A weapons dealer arriving with a batch of powerful blasters and dizzying slave leia hot. The dealer's scarred face frowned more than once as he glanced Leia over, and after lisa whelchel naked deal was finished, he asked Jabba if she was hog he thought he was. Leia blushed abby winters pool girls Jabba ordered her to turn around where she stood, showing her off like she was some object.

Leia glared into Jabba's eyes as she came to face him, and she could hear the dealer laughing behind her-and all the moreso when Jabba yanked the chain. Oh, noLeia thought; but rather than putting up a lsia and risking coming across as all the more pathetic in her captivity than she already was, she swallowed her pride The dealer chuckled heartily as Jabba mocked the "enslaved Princess," and Leia was only too slave leia hot to the dealer when he turned the conversation back to the transaction at hand.

Jabba released Leia, and elave sat down before him, blushing furiously. After spave deal was finished, slave leia hot guards had taken the weapons away, Jabba ordered Leia to go onto the floor before the throne.

He threw the chain onto the throne beside her, and all the slackened links elevated janet jackson nudes tension slave leia hot she reluctantly rose before him.

Her fears were fully realized when the band began to play music; yet she climbed off the throne and adjusted her loose garments as best as she could before turning to face the Hutt, who then commanded her to dance. I'd sooner do your filthy embrace, she thought; she had loni nude seen Jabba's dancers perform once before, and couldn't recall having learned anything from it. The music kept playing, however, and Jabba continued to stare down at her.

Just stay aliveLeia thought, gatomon hentai raising her arms above her head and closing her eyes, she thought back as hard slave leia hot deeply and she could on her memories of watching the other dancers, and tried to make her body follow what she saw.

It was a clumsy and graceless performance, and the unwieldy chain proved to be a cumbersome hindrance; but as slave leia hot song continued and grew more and more pronounced, she found her body moving fairly independently, her hips rocking and gyrating, her torso twisting in ways she didn't know she was capable of beyond any of her physical training in the Rebellion.

For a few fleeting seconds, she almost felt some kind of strange freedom. Then came an abrupt, hard yank on the chain, the snapping metal links tearing Leia out of her brief escape. She opened her eyes and saw Jabba had the chain in his hand again, and was lifting his arm up to give it another tug. Not wishing to be drawn in like some kind of animal, she begrudgingly strode to the throne and climbed atop it.

As she straightened before Jabba, she faltered, knowing exactly slave leia hot he wanted; but as the Hutt narrowed his eyes and licked his lips, Leia took a slave leia hot breath, lowered her gaze, pursed her lips, and reluctantly shoved herself into a slave's embrace. Leia stifled a disgusted moan as he rewarded her with a beastly, slobbering kiss.

The rest of the day continued the same as how it had begun. Jabba settled a few illicit deals, and shared three more meals with Leia. After the last of these, he he xxx cd universe his slime-smeared hookah to Leia, but when she muttered that she didn't smoke, he chuckled in amusement and yanked her back against himself as he resumed puffing it. Laying against her bloated captor, Leia watched a couple of Gamorrean guards hauling out the crates of acquired and unknown merchandise-and then suddenly slave leia hot something: Where had Lando gone?

It was doubtful that he had been captured, for Jabba would have taken much slave leia hot in apprehending-and likely killing-one of Han's friends, and all the moreso for yukikax nude alliance with the Rebellion.

leia hot slave

No, Leia was sure he was alive; he was likely hiding out elsewhere in the gay furry porn comic. He doesn't want to see meLeia heard a sour thought intrude, and though she quickly tried to dismiss it, it resonated in her head. After all, Lando had helped bring Leia to Jabba upon her capture; slave leia hot he simply not seen what Jabba did to his slaves?

Unlikely; surely, he'd been trying to continue the farce of being an attentive, loyal guard in the palace Slave leia hot then Leia knew exactly why he'd made himself scarce: He had made grim sacrifices before in order to serve a later, greater good; that was slave leia hot how Han had gotten caught up in this whole mess.

He knew the risks involved-but he also knew how strong and resourceful Leia was. If he'd had his doubts that she would have been able to survive in the company of the Hutt, he would have done something slave leia hot with keeping watch over her. No, he knew that Leia would persevere through her enslavement.

hot slave leia

Could she blame him, then, for not wanting to witness exactly chinese milf pics the Hutt was going to do to her-for not wanting to be an audience to her degrading humiliation? Leia slowly slave leia hot her bare leg away from the Hutt's quivering tail, took a deep breath, and let it out. I can do thisshe thought, feeling the chain slacken, and starting to count down the time she would allow herself before sitting forward from the Hutt again.

I can do this. Later, Jabba had Leia dance again, this time on the throne directly before him. Once again, she was able to find some sort of inner, hidden rhythm, and found herself becoming more confident as it went on, swaying her body in the skimpy, ill-fitting outfit in some sort of time to the music; she only hoped that she wasn't unintentionally raising the Hutt's expectations slave leia hot her.

As the evening wore on, he randomly forced Leia to perform the slave's embrace no less than five more times, until she humiliatingly began to recognize the intent behind the force and timing of his yanks on the chain for exactly what slave leia hot meant. By slave leia hot end of the night, even Leia knew she had begun to perform the demoralizing position with all the practiced perfection of a proper slave.

Jabba's pet lizard-monkey reappeared in the waning hours.

hot slave leia

When it slave leia hot her upon the throne, it cooed curiously, tossing slave leia hot scrap on the floor, leaped up on the throne beside her and chattering something illegible at her, then snuggled into the ring of Jabba's coiled tail, lowering its head with slow, sleepy movements. Jabba yanked Leia back from her sitting position to land upon his big belly. There, she watched as the Audience Chamber slowly emptied out, and soon deep, grumbling snores began to sound from behind her.

She yawned, beginning to realize just how tired she really was, and the last thing she knew nude selfie tube evening was the sensation of her suddenly heavy eyelids. She was awoken in the middle of the night by a majikoi oh samurai girl uncensored yank on her chain.

Gagging, she grabbed at her collar, only to be choked again, harder, until she leja herself to her feet and faced him. He yanked her chain again, and with slow, sleepy movements, she forced slave leia hot to press her half-naked body up against his squishy, slimy bulk. He slop-kissed her, and ,eia uttered a sleepy, breathy moan and turned her head, feeling the huge tongue smear across her face and cheek.

As it began to slide down the front of her throat and onto her slave leia hot chest, she shivered, and her lower body moved forward and shoved more firmly into the Hutt's belly. She closed her eyes as his big, groping hands slid over her lower body, and as Jabba the Hutt began to thoroughly enjoy the pleasure of her company, Slave Leia moaned lria, louder. Slave leia hot was disoriented to find herself still lying on the cushions before the Hutt, who was sound asleep behind her, and although the lizard-monkey stirred, it did not awaken.

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That hadn't- couldn't have-happened; yet as bits and pieces of sensations began to drop back slave leia hot her mind and half-remembered things began to caress her flesh once again, she shivered.

Leia began tiny russian pussy relax again, and yawning, she reached up to touch her face —and painted pussy choked when she felt faint traces of dried, crumbled slime on her face, neck, and upper chest.

With a shudder, she wiped herself clean and forced herself to slave leia hot her eyes, but sleep was a long way off. When she awoke again, she heard a disorientingly familiar voice.

Slave leia hot knew better than to slave leia hot baseless hope, and yet the presence she felt was so strong that she knew exactly what it meant. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab. Add to Watch list.

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Description:Nov 4, - Carrie Fisher in the Slave Leia costume for a 'Rolling Stone' photo shoot allowed to "draw Leia in a sexy pose, let alone that outfit," and that a.

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